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What are ride on mower?

A ride on mower (tractor mower or riding mower) is a type of lawnmower that is usually operated when the operator is seated. Most ride-on lawnmowers typically resemble a small tractor and are often larger than push lawn mowers, typically used mainly for commercial sized lawn mowing jobs.

How to choose the best ride on mower?

Consider the size of the lawn

When selecting a ride-on mower, it is vital first to consider the size and terrain of the lawn. If your yard is full of obstacles like trees and bushes, then you should choose a riding lawn mower that is small enough to move through the tightest passage. On the other hand, if the lawn is large and free from obstacles like trees, then you should choose a larger rising lawnmower to enable you to perform the job fast.

Consider mower deck size

The larger the deck size, the quicker the mower will get through large areas. Before you make your final decision, it is crucial to consider the deck size to see if it suits your needs. For instance, if you are planning mow on a large tract of land, then you should consider buying a riding mower with a wide deck size. On the other hand, if you are planning to mow of a small yard that has obstacles like a tree, then it is wise to choose one with a small deck size to enable you to maneuver easily even in tight spaces.

Consider transmission

There are three types of transmissions for riding mowers. They include manual transmission, automatic transmission, and hydrostatic transmission. A manual transmission offers a wide range of speed, meaning that it allows you to have total control over the mower speed. Automatic transmission, on the other hand, operates just like an automatic car- you get to control the pace with the accelerator. Hydrostatic transmission works like automatic transmission but uses fluid instead to belt to transfer power from the wheels to the engine. If you are looking for a ride on a lawnmower that allows you to have total control of the mowers speed, then the manual transmission is the best one for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a riding mower that gives a smooth ride, lasts longer and requires less maintenance, then you need to choose a riding lawn mower with hydrostatic transmission.

Consider accessories that the riding mower is equipped with
Ride-on mowers are equipped with different accessories. It is crucial to consider the accessories that the ride-on mower is equipped with before you make your final decision. Remember that the more accessories the tractor is equipped with, the higher the function it can perform. Some essential accessories that you need to consider include; a trailer for hauling yard debris, snowblower to clear snow during the winter season, and a spreader to spread fertilizer or seed.

Consider how the ride on mower handles the lawn grass clippings

This is a critical factor that you should not overlook when choosing a ride-on mower. Remember that ride-on mowers are available in different models, and each handles grass clippings differently. For instance, side discharge mowers usually direct clippings back to the lawn. They are ideal for mowing tall or coarse grass. Bagger mowers, on the other hand, typically collect clippings on a collection bag. This option is perfect when mowing large tracts of land, and you don’t have time to collect the clippings. It is also suitable for people who want to reduce their mowing time.

The final option is the mulching ride-on mowers that turn clipping into mulch, thus adding nutrients to the lawn. If you want to add nutrients to the soil, then a mulching ride-on lawnmower is an ideal choice for you. Ensure that you choose a ride-on lawnmower with a cutting method that suits your lawn and your personal preference.

Consider engine (and belt) power

Before you purchase a ride-on mower, it is essential to consider its engine power. The more powerful the engine is, the better it will perform on in the field. When considering engine power, it is crucial to think about the tasks that the ride on mower will perform. For instance, if you are planning to mow on a large tract of land, then it is recommended that you choose one with a powerful engine to help you perform your task fast.

On the other hand, if you are planning to mow on a small yard, then you don’t need to choose a ride-on mower with the most powerful engine. Also, consider the terrain of your yard and additional tasks that you want to perform with the mower.

Consider lawnmower maintenance cost
All types of ride on mower require regular maintenance to operate correctly and efficiently. However, some are cheaper to maintain than others. Before you make your final decision, inquire to know the maintenance cost of the mower to see if you can afford it.
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Where to buy second hand mowers?

We obviously sell brand new SCAG zero turn ride on mowers through our dealership across the country. People might not know that your local dealer’s stock second hand ride on mowers too.

  1. SCAG dealer network
  2. Trade Farm Machinery – Second Hand Ride on Mowers
  3. Machines 4 U – Ride On Mowers 

What are the best ride-on mowers in Australia?

SCAG offers the best ride on mowers in Australia. Their ride-on mowers are built with sturdy materials that enable them to last for you. For instance, SCAG ride on mowers features heavy gauge fabricated steel construction that enhances its strength and stability. They are also equipped with powerful blades that work for long hours without needing maintenance.

They are also the most comfortable ride on the market. You can work for an extended period without feeling tired thanks to its suspended seat system that enhances your comfort when mowing. Additionally, they are also easy to operate, maintain, and store when not in use. SCAG also features an advanced monitoring system that allows you to monitor your performance in real-time. The system also includes engine oil pressure, engine water, charging system, and much more. They are also equipped with a powerful but efficient engine that consumes less fuel but delivers excellent work.

How fast do SCAG ride on lawn mowers (engines) go?

SCAG ride on lawn mowers can hit speeds of up to 25km/h.

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