Aeration is vitally important for healthy turf, and it’s also an opportunity to expand your services. A new tool to tackle aeration with more efficiency, the stand-on AerStorm™ aerator allows you to get more done than ever before. Designed and engineered for long-lasting durability, improved productivity and all-day comfort, it’s time to take on your next challenge with the next generation of aeration.


AerStorm Models

Model Description
AS30-23CV Stand-On Aerator, 30″ Tine Width – Kohler® Command PRO® 23 HP
AS30-23CV-DS Stand-On Aerator with Drop Seeder, 30″ Tine Width – Kohler® Command PRO® 23 HP

Aerator Specifications

Specification AerStorm
ENGINE SPECIFICATION General Type Heavy-duty industrial/commercial
Brand Kohler Command Pro
Model CV732
Horsepower 23.5 HP @ 3600 RPM
Torque 40.3 ft-lbs. (peak)
Type 4 cycle gas, twin-cylinder, air-cooled, OHV, vertical shaft engine
Displacement 747 cc (45.6 cubic inch)
Cylinders 2 cast-iron sleeves
Governor Mechanical type governor with variable speed control set at 3600 rpm (±100 rpm), idle set at 1800 rpm (±150 rpm)
Air Intake Group Large capacity 2-stage canister air filter
Exhaust Group Single. exhaust canister muffler
Fuel Pump Group Integral fuel pump with inline fuel filter, internal fuel line vent; float feed; two barrel, adjustable idle, afterfire solenoid.
Oil Pump Group Full pressure lube, with full-flow filter, 2 quart oil capacity
Starter/Electrical/Charging System “12 volt “”maintenance-free”” sealed battery with alternator, solid state ignition with key
start. 15 amp charging system, regulated.”
ENGINE DECK Thickness 1/4″ steel
Fuel Tank 5.5 gallon (20.8 liters) tank with molded-in cup holder
Drive Wheels/Tires 18 x 6.5 – 8 four-ply pneumatic tubeless, radius edge
Brakes Lever actuated linkage to brakes on both drive wheels
Operator Platform Heavy gauge steel with extruded star pattern for no-slip footing. Dual adjustable suspension for operator comfort level preference.
Operator Comfort Pad Large heavily-bolstered operator cushion can be easily removed without tools for access to hydraulics
DRIVE SYSTEM Type Hydro drive with two variable displacement pumps and two cast-iron high-torque wheel motors for independent control of each drive wheel
Hydro Pumps Two Hydro-Gear PG Series 10cc pumps with dump valves for movement without running engine; one cooling fan
Drive Wheel Motors Two Parker TG 14.5 cu. inch cast-iron high torque wheel motors
Hydro Fluid Cooling Group 3.0 qt. capacity cooling reservoir; uses SAE 20W50 fluid and 10 micron filter
Steering/Travel Control Twin lever steering control with individual control to each wheel
Dump Valves Allows for movement without engine running
Axles 1.25″ heavy-duty, straight motor shafts
Wire Harness 14 and 16 gauge wire
Safety Group Footplate-actuated operator presence system interlock to engine killFootplate-actuated operator presence system interlock to engine kill
Forward Speed Range 0 up to 7.0 mph
Reverse Speed Range 0 up to 3.0 mph
PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Type Plug-style aeration. Mid/under-belly mount.
Aerating Width 30″
Aerating Depth/Adjustment 1” to 4” in 1/2” increments. Simple and intuitive depth selection pin with easy-grip rubber knob.
Tines 48 self-cleaning, replaceable, steel coring tines
Tine Activation & Pressure Hydraulic tine engagement (raise and lower) via a foot-activated switch. Tine activation switch on the instrument panel prevents accidental engagement/disengagement while working or transporting. Adjustable hydraulic down-pressure helps to penetrate even the hardest and driest soils to ensure effective aeration performance in all conditions.

Product Specifications

LENGTH 68.6″
WIDTH 49.8″
HEIGHT 51.2″

**Specifications subject to change without notice. Actual ground speeds may vary. Accessories subject to availability.

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