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Mulching Lawn Mowers: Everything You Need to Know

Feb 5, 2020

About the SCAG mulching mower system

SCAG mulching mower system features a dominant “eye of the hurricane” mulching plates, flow directors, and V baffles. Other components that it features include a side discharge close off plates, the eliminator blade, and hardware. Its raw power makes this system suitable for commercial purposes. The cutting chambers are not separated, a feature that enables high-velocity mulching.

The “eye of the hurricane” mulch plates that it features works by directing the cut grass into the eliminators path where it is tattered then driven to the ground. This is important because it prevents grass clipping from loading on the underside of the deck. It also helps to add nutrients to the lawn. SCAG mulching mower system uses less power output to mulch but delivers excellent results even when working in moist conditions. This device can fit in all 2006 and newer SCAG mowers and the installation process is easy, only taking between 20-30 minutes to complete.

What are lawn mulching mowers?

If you read the gardening magazine regularly, then you have probably come across terms like bio clipping, recycling, and mulching. In regards to grass cutting, all these words mean the same thing, and that is: returning crucial nutrients to the lawn. The unique tool that helps to make this possible is known as a lawn mulching mower. This equipment helps to maintain a green and healthy lawn by re-cutting and re-circulating grass clipping under the mowing deck to produce a fine mulch. The mulch is then forcibly returned to the yard where it decomposes, adding precious nutrients to the soil. Mulching mowers don’t have a box. As a result, they double cut the grass to make it fine enough so that it can quickly disappear into the lawn.

Is mulching mower better?

If you are thinking of purchasing a mulching lawnmower, then this question is probably running through your mind. The answer is yes if:

  • Reducing grass cutting time is important to you
  • You want to enhance the lawn nutrients
  • You are embracing organic lawn care
  • The lawn is too large that you cannot dispose of the clippings
  • You want to lower your mowing cost

What does a mulching mower do?

A mulching mower does not have a disposing box. To compensate for this, it cut grass to finer clippings so that they disappear into the lawn quickly. Mulching mowers have individual blades that cut grass then cut it over and over again until they are tiny. Since the grass clippings contain about 90% water and have been cut into finer pieces, they dry and decompose quickly, adding valuable nutrients back into the lawn. This is important because it helps nourish the garden organically. You don’t have to use chemical forms of fertilizer to add nutrients to the soil. In addition to that, you also don’t have to worry about where to dispose of clippings. This not only helps to save time, but it also saves on cost. This mowing option has less impact on the environment because it enables you to avoid using chemical fertilizer, which is more harmful to the environment. Making fewer road trips also means less carbon emitted.

What is the difference between a mulching mower and a regular mower?

If you are considering purchasing a mulching lawnmower, but you are wondering what differentiates it from regular mowers, then you are not alone. Marjory of first-time lawnmower users doesn’t know the difference between the types of lawnmowers. They usually regret later when they find out that they bought the wrong type of mower. However, that will not be the case with you because, in this section, we are going to discuss the difference between a mulching mower and a regular mower to help you make an informed decision.

Difference in blades

One of the main differences between a mulching lawn mower and a regular mower is the blade shape. A mulching mower blade is usually more curved than a regular mower blade. This design difference enables the mulching lawnmower to keep grass clippings circulating on the mower deck, allowing the blade to cut them over and over again until they are smaller and finer. On the other hand, the regular lawnmower has larger blades that only cut the grass once. As such, the clippings are larger and easily detectable.

Difference in functions

Regular lawn mowers blades are commonly referred to as 2 in 1 blade because they perform two tasks, including grass clipping and filling them in a collection bag. On the other hand, mulching blades and often referred to as 3 in 1 blade because they can perform three functions, including grass clipping, chopping of the mulch into finer mulch, and forcing them into the lawn.


Regular mowing blades are also referred to as high lift blades because they are designed to create high lift that lifts the grass clippings up then directs them into the discharge bag. On the other hand, a mulching blade usually creates a flowing air stream that directs grass clippings back to the blade where they are cut over and over again until they are smaller and finer before being forced into the lawn.

Difference in the discharge

Mulching mower blades and more curved hence not ideal for one-directional lift. They are designed to keep the grass clipping in the mower deck for repeated cutting instead of sending them to the collection bag as it is the case with regular mowing blades. This means that mulching lawn mowing blades are not efficient in discharging as it is the case with regular lawnmowers. On the other hand, the almost straight blade of regular mower doesn’t work well on mulching lawn mowers because they cannot cut grass into smaller, finer pieces the way mulching blades do.

Difference in deck design

The deck design of a mulching lawn mower differs from that of a regular lawn mower. The deck design of a mulching mower is a bit wider, a factor that allows it to keep the grass circulating around the blade for finer cuts. They are also higher and more domed than regular mower decks, a feature that allows air to flow more freely. Some mulching lawn mower decks have baffles that direct air and grass clippings for optimal air circulation on the deck. On the other hand, regular lawn mower deck design is much lower and flat, a feature that allows the grass clippings to be discharged upwards and outwards.

When should I use a mulching mower?

If you want to increase nutrients on your lawn

The mulching lawn mower will cut grass clipping into smaller pieces where they will decompose fast and add nutrients to the soil.

If you want to save on cost

A mulching lawn mower will eliminate the need to use expensive chemical fertiliser on your lawn to add the much-needed nutrients. Mulching mowers will also save you time from having to empty lawn clippings everytime you fill up your grass bin or collection trays.

If you want to conserve the environment

Most chemical fertilisers contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to the environment. If you want to save the environment by using organic fertiliser, then you should use a mulching lawnmower. It will not only cut your grass, but it will also add nutrients to the lawn. Additionally, they also mow faster than regular lawnmowers hence emit less carbon dioxide to the environment.

If you want to make your work easier

Using a regular lawn mower means that you have to collect the grass chipping once you are done mowing. This is a tedious task, especially if your yard is big. However, if you want to make your work easier, then you should purchase a mulching lawnmower. The fact that it cuts grass into finer pieces that dry and decomposes quickly means that you don’t have to worry about removing grass clippings.

Essential factors to consider when choosing a good mulching lawn mower

  1. Consider convertibility

When buying a mulching lawnmower, it is essential to check if the lawnmower can be converted temporarily to a side discharge mower. This feature is important because sometimes it is quite tricky for a mulching mower to perform well, especially when long thick grass. If the mower can switch temporarily to side discharge, then that is a big plus because it will help prevent clogging and stalling of the mower.

2. Consider mulching technology

Mulching lawnmowers use different technology. For instance, some manufacturers have designed their mower deck and blade in a way that they push the clippings up for finer cuts before being forced back into the lawn while others add fans and baffles on the deck to enhance the clipping process. It is crucial to choose one that uses the best and most advanced technology for better results.

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