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How many acres of grass can a zero turn mower cut per day?

Apr 9, 2020

Efficiency is one of the key things everyone looks for in a zero turn mower. At SCAG, we understand that, so we’ve made our mowers to be productive and leave your lawn looking good in less time. We want you to have the best commercial lawn mowers at your disposal.

SCAG Zero Turn Mower Acre Cutting Speed Productivity Chart 

Mower typeAcres per hourAcres per day (8 hours)
72” rider3.528
61” rider323.7
52” rider2.5 20.2
48” rider 2.318.6
61” walk215.8
52” walk1.713.5
48” walk1.512.4
36” walk1.39.3
32” walk18.3

SCAG mowers are efficient and safe

Every single one of our mowers that leaves our factory is efficient and safe. For example: the Velocity Plus cutter deck that allows you to mow tall grass faster, with a beautiful finished cut. The special baffling, airflow and ultra-high blade tip speeds get the grass cut and discharged out of the deck in a big hurry. Engines with high horsepower and torque ratings keep everything up to speed, even in heavy conditions. High output hydraulic systems enable our mowers to cover a lot of ground quickly, getting the job done faster. Comfort items such as high back adjustable seats, large foot plates, steering control dampers, and EZ-Grip hand controls keep fatigue to a minimum, ensuring that the operator is able to perform safely and at their best, all day long.

SCAG mowers are reliable and dependable

Let’s not forget about reliability and dependability. These are two very important elements in the productivity formula. If your mower goes down, your productivity goes down! Using anything other than the best quality parts and manufacturing procedures can increase the likelihood of downtime. That’s why we use nothing but the best when creating a SCAG mower. Anything less would be unproductive. Anything less is not a SCAG. See for yourself how productive and durable SCAG commercial mowers really are. Contact your local SCAG dealer for a field demonstration.

The chart above represents mowing speeds: Riders at 6mph and Walk Behinds at 4mph with 20% reduction for overlap and turns. The formula for acres per day at 80% efficiency level = Miles per Hour x 5280 Feet per Mile x Width of Cutter Deck (in inches) x 8 hours per day divided by 43,560 Square Feet per Acre divided by 12 Inches per Foot x .8 (reduction for turns, overlap etc).

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