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Velocity Plus Zero Turn Cutter Decks

Apr 9, 2020

Nothing Cuts Grass Better. Nothing.

SCAG cutter decks have always given our competition a serious case of deck envy. Many have tried to replicate the Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, but none have been able to. The Velocity Plus™ deck will get the job done and deliver beautiful results.

What sets the Velocity Plus Cutter Deck apart?

The Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck is the favoured deck for professionals as it delivers unmatched power, precision, and performance. This revolutionary deck design delivers high-velocity discharge leaving a beautifully manicured lawn at faster ground speeds. The redesigned cutting chamber and massive discharge opening provides even greater cutting performance with maximum clipping dispersal in any conditions.

The Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck is available in 48″, 52″, 61″ and 72″ widths on SCAG Stand-On mowers, and Zero Turn Riders.

Strength – SCAG’s tough cutter blade spindles and Tri-Plate construction ensure solid performance and long life. A replaceable trim-side wear pad protects the deck from damage.

Productivity – An extra-large discharge opening, along with the redesigned Turbo Baffle, enhance discharge for even clipping dispersal. The need for double cutting is virtually eliminated.

Flexibility – The Velocity Plus™ cuts everything from fine grasses to tough weeds. The Custom-Cut™ Front Baffle System allows you to customize the deck to your individual conditions for even more productivity and higher performance.

Velocity Plus™ Details 

§  Up to nine (9) anti-scalp rollers in seven (7) different, strategic locations around the cutter deck provide maximum turf protection.

§  Front baffle chamber stands the grass up before being cut by the blades. This enables the Velocity Plus™ deck to cut taller grasses faster and better than any other cutter deck on the market.

§  The Velocity Plus™ deck design delivers superior clipping dispersal.

§  The Turbo Baffle* increases discharge velocity, throwing grass clippings and debris farther away from the cutter deck. This promotes a more even distribution of clippings, reducing “clumping” and “wind rowing”.

§  The strongest cutter blade spindles in the industry featuring cast iron housings and dual tapered roller bearings. Nobody builds a more durable, long-lasting, reliable cutter deck spindle.

§  Super rigid, Tri-Plate* deck construction results in a nearly 1/2″ thick (.485″) steel cutter deck top, which is the strongest in the industry. Why would you settle for a single layer of steel?

§  We are so confident in the strength of this cutter deck, we stand behind it with a 3-year “no crack” warranty. Turf Tiger mowers feature an additional steel reinforcement welded to the inside-front edge of the cutter deck. This helps prevent damage from impacts, etc. (61″ deck utilizes a 10 gauge deck top, 7 gauge deck skirts, a 7 gauge top support plate and 11 gauge plate welded inside the deck.)

§  Custom-Cut™ Baffle System allows you to customize the cutter deck baffling to your specific conditions. Nobody else gives you this kind of flexibility.

§  Offset front caster wheels (where needed) keep the caster tires on the right side of the spindles. This allows the cutter blade to lift up grass that may have been laid down by the caster tire.

§  Replaceable trim-side wear pad protects the deck and landscaping from scraping and impact damage.

§  A variety of cutter blade styles are available to match your specific cutting conditions and needs.

§  More productivity. Cut more grass in less time!

§  Less double cutting, even in the toughest grass conditions!

§  One deck can cut everything from fine grasses to tough weeds!

§  Highly flexible discharge chute will not dent and is easy on the landscape.

§  No plastic pulleys – Some [other brands] actually use plastic pulleys on their mowers. Not Scag. All Scag pulleys are made from metal. Plastic is for toys.

§  * Turbo Baffle and Tri-Plate not included on all models


Discharge Clippings Far and Wide.

The green arrows display the unrestricted, straight discharge path the Velocity Plus Deck delivers. This allows the grass clippings to be discharged farther away from the deck and in a wider pattern.

The blue arrows show how the Turbo Baffle and discharge blade fan the grass outward for a more even dispersal pattern.

Velocity Plus™ A to Z 

§  A – Turbo-Baffle increases discharge velocity and prevents cut grass from reentering the deck cutting cycle. (Not included on all models; optional on walk-behind mowers.)

§  B – Front deck chamber allows grass to stand up before coming in contact with the cutter blade. This minimizes uncut grass and provides a beautiful cut in even the toughest grass.

§  C – Patented adjustable front “Custom-Cut” baffle allows the user to customize their deck to optimize performance in virtually any cutting conditions, whether side discharging, mulching, or bagging.

§  D – Extra-wide discharge opening allows grass to be dispersed far and wide to minimize clumping and windrowing.

§  E – Tough Scag spindles are made with cast-iron housings and tapered roller bearings for long life and dependable service.

§  F – Marbain cutter blades are extra-strong to keep a sharp edge longer, yet lightweight to absorb as little engine horsepower as possible, retaining ultra-high blade tip speeds.

§  G – The leading edge of the cutter deck is reinforced internally to increase strength while not adding deck length or reducing trimming ability.

§  H – Up to 9 anti-scalp wheels in 7 different locations provide the ultimate in turf protection.

§  I – One or two (depending on model), 12″ long, rear-mounted anti-scalp rollers protect the rear edge of the deck from damage when going over curbs and when trailering. Rear rollers also provide excellent rear-side turf protection from scalping.

§  J – Trim-side wear pad protects the cutter deck and landscaping from scraping and impact damage. Pad can easily be replaced with no welding or cutting involved.

§  K – The corners of the Velocity Plus cutter deck are reinforced internally for added strength and to eliminate exterior plates that can reduce trimming ability and potentially damage the landscape.

§  L – Tri-Plate cutter deck utilizes three layers of steel for unmatched strength around the spindle mounting area of the deck. Top plate ties all spindles together while the bottom plate is integral to the cutter deck baffling for even more structural integrity.

§  M – Reinforcement prevents damage to rear baffle

§  N – Front scalp rollers are height adjustable and the rollers are captured on both sides for increased resistance to bending on impact.

§  O – Flexible discharge chute is easy on landscape and will not dent like steel

§  P – Split-steel pulleys are stronger than cast or stamped pulleys. They are lighter weight than cast pulleys and are balanced for reduced deck drive system wear and vibration.

§  Q – Deep and wide idler pulleys keep belt stress to a minimum for increased life. Super thick, laser-cut idler arms provide maximum strength and reliability. No punched out, light-duty, thin metal/plastic stuff here….this is a SCAG.

§  R – Deck leveling adjustment bracket makes fine tuning the deck level quick and easy.

§  S – Spring-loaded belt systems require no adjustment or maintenance, while keeping perfect tension on the belts for long life.

§  T – Idler pulley features a debris cover for the bearings which helps keep moisture and foreign material away from the bearing to increase life.

§  U – Deck support bracket runs all the way to the front edge of the deck for increased rigidity

§  V – Deck is pre-drilled at the factory for Hurricane Mulch Systems, as well as the mulch plate, for convenience.

§  W – Grease fittings for spindles are top-mounted for easy access.

§  X – Easy wing-nut retaining system for belt covers makes removal simple and tool-free.

§  Y – Idler arm pivots utilize sealed bearings for smooth operation and long life.

§  Z – Cutter blade retaining bolt travels through the center of the spindle shaft. The through-bolt design also allows you to change blades without altering the proper preload (150 ft. lbs.) on the tapered roller bearings.

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